Richie Sadlier Has A Different Take To Many On The Danny Rose Situation

Richie Sadlier Has A Different Take To Many On The Danny Rose Situation

Writing in his first column for the Irish Times, Richie Sadlier believes that Tottenham's Danny Rose has executed his escape plan to perfection.

Sadlier thinks that the series of events that brought about Rose's public dismay with Spurs' transfer policy and wage structure, and the subsequent apology after an expected backlash, was "part of [Rose's] strategy all along."

Danny Rose wants to force a move, or a significant wage increase at Spurs, and he is going about it in the most effective manner.

Regarding the situation that Rose finds himself in, "earning £65,000 a week, half of what Kyle Walker is reportedly earning" at Man City following his transfer, Sadlier attempts to describe Rose's frame of mind:

He's England's first-choice left-back and was in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year for the past two seasons. He's absolutely right to say he's underpaid for doing the job he does. Any other top team that signs him now would pay him much more.

In spite of what many fans would perceive as being an unsettling level of greed on Rose's behalf, the added incentive of wanting to win trophies as a player is also driving the full-back Sadlier believes.

Beginning his career with the Leeds United youth-academy, Rose made his debut as a 16-year-old. Now 27, with over two-hundred professional games to his name, Rose is yet to experience any tangible success. As Sadlier questions,


Do [the aggrieved Spurs fans] think he spent his childhood in Leeds dreaming of playing for Spurs or dreaming of lifting trophies?

An injured Rose will not feature in Spurs' Premier League opener against Newcastle on Sunday, but, if Sadlier is to be believed, his ten-year affiliation with the North London club is unlikely to become eleven.

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