Robbie Brady Surprises His Biggest Fan, Asks Him To Be Mascot For Tomorrow's Game

Robbie Brady Surprises His Biggest Fan, Asks Him To Be Mascot For Tomorrow's Game

Andrew Whelan is a massive Robbie Brady fan.

Who isn't, you say? But while other Irish kids were getting Manchester United jerseys or trips to Anfield for Christmas, Andrew's present was a dream trip to see Cardiff City versus Norwich, where his hero Brady was supposed to be playing.

Unfortunately, Robbie was sold to Burnley just days before the game.

His mother told The Star at the time:

Andrew's very upset because he knows he won't be seeing Robbie playing when he goes over the match on Saturday. He’s absolutely devastated he won’t get to see him. This year all he wanted from Santy was to go and see Robbie playing.

It was a risky and perhaps naive move by Santy given Brady was almost certainly looking for a way out of Norwich in January, but a devastating turn of events nonetheless.

Now though, Three, the FAI and Brady have made it up to Andrew by appointing him as mascot for the Iceland game tomorrow night, a game in which Brady will be captain. In a lovely video, Andrew is a little star struck, but presents a clearly impressed Brady with a school project paying homage to him, his sporting hero.


And you picked me? Fair play to you.

Let me look through it.... 31 caps... You're teaching me information here. I can't even remember half this in here. That's excellent. I'll have to take a picture of this before I go, is that alright? So I'll have it, I'll keep it then.

Andrew also asks Brady who his favourite player was growing up? Robbie picks a player who would later become his teammate at Manchester United.

Ryan Giggs. Because I was left footed like him and I wanted to be just like him.

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