Robbie Keane Reflects On 'The Moment That Changed His Life' Vs Germany

Robbie Keane Reflects On 'The Moment That Changed His Life' Vs Germany

15 years ago today, Robbie Keane forced the ball past Oliver Kahn and the upright to send his country into ecstasy. Hence the bank holiday.

It was to be the only goal Germany conceded en route to the 2002 World Cup final and played a massive role in Ireland's reaching the last 16, where Keane would once more bail us out only for the Spaniards to pox us on penalties.

Speaking recently to Three Ireland as part of their #TheCallUp campaign, Keane provided an oral history of arguably his most iconic moment, and one which he maintains changed his life thereafter.

Ireland's record goalscorer said of the finish:

Every player has big moments in their career. They have moments where they're special and people will always remember.

But for me, this was my moment.

[Germany] were a fantastic team, and they scored early in the game as well. As the game kept going on and on, I think, 'We've got a chance here!'

I remember we brought Quinny, because we knew Quinny would be an impact player. When he came on I knew there was going to be an opportunity for me to get onto one of his flick-ons.

As I was running onto it, I got a good touch, and after that the rest was history.

I just remember running across behind the goal, the fans... Doing the usual cartwheel. And then as I did the cartwheel I remember just getting pushed into the advertising boards. You got all the substitutes coming down, and the staff coming down hopping on top of me.

And that was the moment that changed my life.


Of course, we can't let you go without taking one more look at the goal, given the day that's in it. Cheers for the bank holiday, Robbie. We'll never be able to repay you.

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