Roma Confirm Damien Delaney's 'Heroic Actions', Despite His Denials

Roma Confirm Damien Delaney's 'Heroic Actions', Despite His Denials

Last week Balls wrote an article speculating as to the connection between Damien Delaney and Roma. The Serie A side's Twitter account seems to have a special relationship with Delaney and tweeted 'Grazie Damien' after the defender announced his departure from Crystal Palace and also celebrated his move to Cork City.

Many Twitter users speculated that Delaney saved the life of a son of a Roma director in London, but these reports are so far unsubstantiated.

Roma have today however, confirmed that Delaney was involved in some incident, but did not want any publicity for his 'heroic actions':


Delaney was asked at a press conference today about his links to Roma, but the 36-year-old denied that there was any heroic reason for the Italian side's obsession with him:

I genuinely can't (explain the connection), but people seem to be getting good mileage out of it, but I don't know I haven't spoken to anyone, I'm not big on social media.

It's quite humourous to be honest.

There's no story, definitely not the one that's going around with me saving someone.

The public's wait for an answer to this story goes on...

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Eoin Lyons

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