Watch: Ross Wallace Cheekily Nicks Opponent's Tactics Sheet

Watch: Ross Wallace Cheekily Nicks Opponent's Tactics Sheet

Ross Wallace gave us one of the funniest moments of the season so far with his cheeky gesture during Sheffield Wednesday's game against Huddersfield Town. 

Modern football is often a tactical maze. Opponents are dissected and analysed in detail before a match. Your own team's performance is discussed and highlighted to the nth degree and each player is given extensive instructions on how to improve their own individual performance.

Players at the top level are required to have speed of thought on the pitch to match their physical quickness off the mark, to be able to adapt how they are playing at a manager's instruction. A manager's method of communicating this instruction is usually through bellowing or else a catalogue of weird and wonderful hand gestures (take a bow, Rafa).

Sometimes, though, instructions are communicated mid-match via written communication, and this is always a source of fascination. Just what is on the piece of paper? What revolutionary tactical masterstroke that will change the course of football history dwells on the humble sliver of parchment?

Well, when Elias Kachunga of Huddersfield Town was handed his instructions during the game, Sheffield Wednesday's Ross Wallace brilliantly couldn't resist satisfying his curiosity as to what they were, and relieved Kachunga of the paper - much to the German's disgust.


Great stuff from Ross Wallace. It's the cheeky little smile he gives Kachunga that makes it even better.

His side ended up winning 1-0, too. Maybe he's on to something.

(Credit: TomMellor)

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