Roy Hodgson Sounds Frustrated About The Jack Grealish Situation

Roy Hodgson Sounds Frustrated About The Jack Grealish Situation

Roy Hodgson's frustration regarding Jack Grealish's lack of a decision on his international future bubbled up on Sunday.

Speaking to media ahead of England's Euro 2016 qualifier with Switzerland on Tuesday, Hodgson explained he has approached the 19-year-old about playing for England.

We’ve spoken to him and what we’ve said, quite simply, is that we think he’s a very talented footballer. We think he could have a very good international career and we would be more than happy if he chose that career to be England.

I’m still rather hoping that’s what he will do but at the same time because of his family [grandparents] he has the opportunity to play for Ireland. I made it clear to him: ‘It’s got to be your decision, it’s got to be something you really want to do and that feels right because I certainly don’t want to put you under any undue pressure.'

However, as Irish football fans well know, the midfielder is still delaying the decision and this is something which the England manager cannot understand.


I’m not 100 per cent certain of what he is waiting for.

Did I expect it earlier? I don’t know… As far as I am concerned, I would like him to come out and say: ‘I’ve thought about it, I’ve got the two possibilities and I’m opting for England’ and then, of course, he will be available for selection.


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