'Shame On Them' - Roy Keane Rips Into United Players

'Shame On Them' - Roy Keane Rips Into United Players

Roy Keane admitted during his player that he didn't particularly like footballers, but his talent and drive was such that it didn't hold him back from succeeding. It has, however, had a detrimental effect on his coaching career, making a role in the media the most natural home for his misanthropy.

Having sat in the Sky Sports studio on Sunday, he popped up on BBC 5 Live with his old mucker Adrian Chiles today, in which he said that the United players should be ashamed themselves for their conduct around the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

I do think the players get away with murder, the way they hide behind the manager. They've thrown him under the bus. People have said that Mourinho has been falling out with players...well you would fall out with them when players turn up overweight, or players aren't training properly.

Then for some of them to down tools....shame on them. I'm not Mourinho's biggest fan, but I can't tolerate footballers who hide behind their agents, or their friends in the media.

Yeah, bit of a joke really.

Keane was then asked by Chiles whether this would have happened back in his day, and Keane ran through his usual routine - a dig at Alex Ferguson, followed by a diatribe against the modern player.


I never really fell out with Alex Ferguson when I was on the pitch. It was toward the end when I was coming back from injury, I felt I was thrown under the bus.

People say I'm a bit old school; I call it good school. No matter what's going on at your club, you go out and give it your all. The idea that these players may be a little bit upset...and it's not just at United. The modern player, they aren't just weak players, they are very weak human beings.

You can't say a word to them. The dressing room I was in, there was good men, good characters, but that is definitely in short supply now. I know the game has changed a little bit, but the players are getting away with murder.

It's really frustrating and it wouldn't have happened in our dressing room.

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