Roy Keane Could Be Set For New Punditry Role

Roy Keane Could Be Set For New Punditry Role

We may be seeing a lot more of Roy Keane on our TV screens next season.

The Daily Mail reports that BT Sport are interested in acquiring the Irish assistant manager as one of their main analysts for their Premier League and Champions League coverage.

Keane currently works for ITV - he's a regular on their Wednesday night Champions League highlights show, along with making the odd appearance for Europa League highlights on a Thursday.

Though he won't be in Russia with Ireland for the World Cup this summer, Keane will be there with ITV, as will Martin O'Neill.

The possibility that Keane may move broadcaster has popped up due to Steven Gerrard and also possibly Frank Lampard moving into management.

Gerrard, who has been part of BT's footballer coverage since 2015, was appointed as Rangers manager earlier this month while Lampard, who joined BT last season, is on the verge of taking over at Derby.


Following the Champions League final at the weekend, Lampard confirmed that he is in talks with Derby. Host Gary Lineker finished the broadcast by thanking Gerrard, Lampard and Rio Ferdinand.

When Ferdinand confirmed that he will be sitting in the pundit's chair next season, Lineker remarked, "Good, glad someone will be."

It could well be Keane sitting with them. How that would impact his role with Ireland remains to be seen, it would be a lot more work than he has been doing with ITV.

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