Roy Keane Emerged As The Voice Of Reason After Man United's Performance Last Night

Roy Keane Emerged As The Voice Of Reason After Man United's Performance Last Night

After Man United's uninspiring 0-0 draw away to Sevilla in Wednesday night's Champions League, many would have been eagerly awaiting Roy Keane's analysis on ITV and perhaps expecting him to tear them a new one. However the club's former captain was a little more philosophical, claiming the club are still in transition and it's a decent result away from home.

Keane still made no bones about the fact it wasn't a great performance but he certainly was not nearly as harsh as Didier Hamann, who described United's play as 'anti-football'. Keane, on the otherhand, said 'They still look as if they're getting used to each other, with a lot of playing as individuals.'

He puts it down to the upheavel there has been at the club since Alex Ferguson left, and that for a club in transition, it's all about just getting through the likes of these games.

They're taking baby steps. They won a couple of trophies last year. They're probably saying we're still recovering from that. If the get through this [Sevilla tie], you'd think they've got a good draw in the FA Cup ... To me they're still rebuilding.

They're still short two or three players so their short term target at the moment is just getting through these two or three ties, without necessarily playing fantastically well.

In fact, the Corkman nodded to the fact that he could sit there and give out stink but it would be a bit of an overreaction.


And as easy as it is for us to sit here on the sofa and say 'They've got to do this, they've got to do that..' if you're a player in the dressing room tonight, or the manager or the coaching staff, you'll be going back on the plane tonight saying 'Listen lads we didn't play great tonight but job done. We got a decent result and we expect to get through th second leg.'

So perhaps 0-0 away from home wasn't the complete disaster many thought it to be. Roy Keane, the voice of reason.

You can watch their full analysis, including a discussion on Paul Pogba below.

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