Roy Keane: 'Obviously Germany Won't Be A Problem. We Tend To Take Care Of Them'

Roy Keane: 'Obviously Germany Won't Be A Problem. We Tend To Take Care Of Them'

Tired but content, Roy Keane faced the press in the Castleknock Hotel and Country Club today. Naturally, he loaded praise on the players, paying tribute to their doggedness and workrate for hanging in there when most felt qualification was beyond them.

It is about enjoyment. You do have to enjoy the moment. It's not as if we qualify for every tournament...  I knew how to enjoy myself as a player. When you've highs make the most of it, because football and sport, it's about a lot of lows.

When asked about what constitute success at the championship, he winced and said they'll think about that more when the draw is made.

We'll cross the bridge when we get to it.... Germany won't be a problem. We tend to take care of them. It's just Spain and all the rest of them. No, we'll have a look at that when it comes around. It's the morning after the big night. Give me a chance to clear my head... I'm not sure how many people expected us to get out of this group. So if we get a tough group, which we will in the summer, then we'll have to surprise one or two people.



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