Roy Keane Opens Up On His Management Goals During Late Late Appearance

Roy Keane Opens Up On His Management Goals During Late Late Appearance

As the years go by, Roy Keane remains a compelling watch when he's in front of the cameras. This week has been a great example of that.

It is just days since Keane sent social media into a frenzy with his awkward yet hilarious interactions with Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports Monday Night Football, as they attempted to pick a combined XI of the current Liverpool and treble-winning Man United teams.

On Friday night he appeared as a guest on the Late Late Show in his role as ambassador for Irish Guide Dogs for the blind, and the former Ireland captain was in a slightly more relaxed mood than how he often appears in his role as a pundit.

Aside from his media appearances, Roy Keane hasn't worked in football since he and Martin O'Neill left the Ireland set up near the end of 2018 and speaking with Ryan Tubridy, he was open about his interest in a return to management and honest about his expectations with the type of offers that may come his way.

I hope to have another crack off it (management), I think I deserve another crack off it...I'm very lucky, I have a really good life now, I can pick and choose what I want to do. It would have to be a good offer and the worry is that it probably won't be a good offer...My CV doesn't warrant Real Madrid calling me. But I also don't want to go down too low because, the jobs I've took - going to Sunderland wasn't exactly an easy job and Ipswich, they were tough jobs, and Ireland. Ireland don't qualify for tournaments that easily, these were tough jobs. So I think the next offer I might get or might not get, I know it'll be a tough job. So I'll just have to weigh it up. I honestly don't think you know until you're asked...I'll feel it and go with that gut feeling. I've a feeling in my bones that probably something will come up in the next few months and then I'll have a look at it.


Keane's time in management has perhaps not lived up to the high expectations that came during his first year at Sunderland when he got them promoted to the Premier League, shortly after ending his illustrious playing career.

In recent times the football world has become more accustomed to seeing the TV pundit version of Keane, defined by a sharp wit and steely glare. But it was refreshing to see him in a more relaxed environment where he opened up on his general happiness outside of football.

My kids always say to me, 'are you happy Dad?' and I always say 'yeah.' Then they always say 'tell your face.'

In a comical moment Keane was introduced to Daragh Curley, a young Manchester United fan from Donegal, who made the news recently after exchanging letters with Jurgen Klopp.

After Keane told the youngster of his dream to become a professional footballer from a young age, the young lad informed everyone that his dream was in fact to become a professional rugby player.

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