RTE Pundit Pat Morley Couldn't Accept Jason Byrne Has Scored More LOI Goals Than Him

RTE Pundit Pat Morley Couldn't Accept Jason Byrne Has Scored More LOI Goals Than Him

On Saturday Bray Wanderers striker Jason Byrne scored 4 goals to burst through the 200 goal barrier and now sits on 202. He's only the second League of Ireland player to do so and the feat was universally acknowledged as a terrific achievement.

Well almost universally acknowledged. Former Cork City and Shelbourne striker Pat Morley, who now acts as pundit and commentator for RTE's Airtricity League coverage, didn't join in with the praise. Morley, using his business twitter account, believes that Byrne's goals in the first division shouldn't count.

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It all started as a reply to the great LOI journalist Paul Buttner

He continued to question another's praise for Byrne;


He seemed certain Byrne scored 55 goals in the first division.

He also thinks Brendan Bradley's record should have an asterisk.

Bradley scored 4 goals in the First Division for Derry City. He has 231 goals in the top division (every one of them before the league was split into divisions)


He seems big on facts.

Former RTE sports prsenter/producer, and longtime LOI fan, Eamon Donohoe was asked to clarify.

So is it Eamon's 7 or Pat's revised 49 (or even his original 55)?

Eamon has an explanation but Pat thinks he should check with the League office.


Did 35 year old Byrne really play for Bray Wanderers 22/23 years ago? Pat thinks so.

Maybe he meant different years.


And then Byrne himself confirmed it in a text tweeted by former Longford and Bohs defender Paul McNally.

It appears Pat also confirmed it with the League office, so he finally apologised;

For the record Byrne has 202 League of Ireland goals made up of 7 in the first division and 195 in the Premier Division.  That's 13 more Premier Division goals than Pat Morley's 182.

(Photo credit - Morley; Brendan Moran/SPORTSFILE, Byrne; Barry Cregg / SPORTSFILE)

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