WATCH: RTE's Old Studio For Live Football Looked Like The Smoking Area Of A Pub

WATCH: RTE's Old Studio For Live Football Looked Like The Smoking Area Of A Pub

The versatile Michael Lyster - rally driver and TV sports anchor - has never been synonymous with association football.

But he was the man at the helm when Ireland officially qualified for the 1990 World Cup. Billo must have been sick or away on business. It's open to speculation.

The match wasn't memorable. It wasn't a nail-biter. As Lyster himself said at the outset, "it would take a miracle of suspicious proportions" for Ireland to fail to make it at that stage.

Best of all however is the studio. Ireland games weren't transmitted from a nondescript studio in Montrose but from a room which looks vaguely like the smoking area of a Dublin pub.

A smoking area from a time before smoking areas. In 1989, everywhere in a pub was a smoking area. It has that vague feel of the place where the BBC used to interview tennis players at Wimbledon.

Two years before, RTE had screened the Bulgaria-Scotland European qualifier live. George Hamilton and his RTE technical assistants bunked a lift on the Scottish team plane. Gary Mackay scored the winner guaranteeing Ireland's place at Euro 88.


When the goal flew on, RTE cut back to their 'studio' which, as in '89, resembled that same smoking area.

The footage comes courtesy of killianm2, a man who we have previously described as youtube's greatest public servant.

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