Ryan Manning Stayed Tight-Lipped With Info On Parent Club

Ryan Manning Stayed Tight-Lipped With Info On Parent Club

Rotherham manager, Paul Warne, thought he had the trump card ahead in tonight's game against QPR.

Though Ireland U21 international, Ryan Manning - who is on loan at Rotherham from QPR - is ineligible to play, Warne still thought he might be able to extract from key information from the 22-year-old regarding his parent club.

"He literally came out with nothing, so thanks for that Ry!" Warne told The Sheffield Star.

"We did it in the team meeting. Luckily we didn't have to watch the last four QPR games because we had the unbelievable amount of info off him!"

Manning and fellow Irishman Richie Towell have been important players for Rotherham this season.

Galway midfielder Manning has made 16 appearances in the league since joining in August and has scored four goals. Towell - who is on loan from Brighton - has made ten appearances and scored once.


Warne is hopeful that Manning will remain at the club beyond January but will be cautious about broaching the subject with QPR manager, Steve McClaren.

I am not saying it's crass but after the game if we have won then it feels like I am rubbing his hooter in it and if he has won it will feeling like I am going with my begging bowl, so I won't speak to him about it after the game.

If he comes in for a drink and I get on well with him I might just ask if I can phone him in a couple of weeks. That's as far as I will go to be honest.

There is sort of like a polite silence, no one dares ask, everyone tries to keep a positive outlook and not worry about it yet.

Probably before the Christmas mayhem they may be in a better position of knowing what they want to do.

But they could say to us now, 'We have got no intention of bring him back', and then on January 1 two go down injured in training and all your best planning is out of the window.

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