Thierry Henry's Fascinating Analysis Of Arsenal Goal Celebration Shows Team Divide

Thierry Henry's Fascinating Analysis Of Arsenal Goal Celebration Shows Team Divide

Not since the days of Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis have we seen as perceptive a pair on British television as we saw on Sky Sports' coverage of Crystal Palace v Arsenal last night.

Alexis Sanchez came up with the goods for the Gunners, scoring a brace in their 3-2 win but pundits, Thierry Henry and Graeme Souness, spotted that all way not well in the way the team celebrated Sanchez's first goal, which had put them back ahead after Palace had equalised.

Henry noticed how the team split in two for the celebration. Rather than joyously run to the goalscorer, five of Arsenal's players gathered closer to the half way line to congratulate each other.

Look at this. Look at the division of the team. Mustafi came and look at Sanchez. He's asking them to come and then he's like 'Well, hang on a minute. Surely the team is not only five?'

The former Arsenal striker points out that you can actually then see the thought process of Sanchez from this point on.


He's talking to Lacazette. 'Why aren't they coming?' he's going to say now... And Lacazette's like 'Well, I don't know.'

As Sanchez makes his way back to the centre circle he then gestures at the rest of teammates about not celebrating as a group in the corner, before shaking his head.

Obviously the ongoing contract sagas of Sanchez and Ozil have been well-documented but according to Souness, there's no doubt that it has caused a split in the team.

I've only ever seen that if a team is 5-1 up, with a few minutes to go, you'd get that. Not when you've just gone 2-1 up and you've been under the cosh. That tells you it's a divided dressing room.

He added, 'I think its clear. I think it tells you that there's a dynamic going on within that dressing room that suggests all is not well.'

The video isn't embeddable but you can watch their full analysis of the goal celebration on Sky Sports Football's Facebook page here. They also discussed whether Wenger should sell the pair in January, below.

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