WATCH: Both National Anthems Booed At Wembley Before England-Scotland

WATCH: Both National Anthems Booed At Wembley Before England-Scotland

The first competitive England-Scotland match in seventeen years began with a masterful display of anthem booing from both sets of supporters.

A Flower of Scotland was up first and the home fans decided the song would be improved by the low hum of their boos. Gordon Strachan and Mark McGhee evidently weren't informed that this was happening and glanced around, a touch discombobulated.

As soon as that finished, the 14,000 away fans broke into a chorus of boos, which lasted the whole length of God Save the Queen. Impressively, they made far more noise in their booing than did the more numerous home support.

The lustiest display of anthem booing witnessed on these shores occurred back in 1995 when England came to Dublin for an inaptly named friendly. The anthem booing was overshadowed by events later on that evening.

Clive Tyldesley chose to ignore the elephant crap in the room by announcing "a unified Wembley roar to follow the anthems."

Clive Tyldesley should be working for the Russian government.


UPDATE: Daniel Sturridge has put England 1-0 up after 24 minutes.

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