"Just Put Scooter On, Fuck Me!" - Scott Brown's Parkhead Farewell Was Just Perfect

"Just Put Scooter On, Fuck Me!" - Scott Brown's Parkhead Farewell Was Just Perfect

"Play that song again, that's a great tune. Just put Scooter on, fuck me! This isn't live?!"

It's been a shocking season for Celtic. Going for 10 Scottish Premierships in a row, the end the season without a manager, without a trophy (outside of last season's Scottish Cup, technically won this season!). Not only that,ย  but with a game to go, they are an astonishing 22 points behind Rangers, who are 90 minutes away from going unbeaten for the league season. In Old Firms this season, they've had as many red cards as goals, scoring twice in four defeats and a draw.

The season is at least ending on a happier note though. Their last game at Celtic Park this season resulted in a 4-0 win over St. Johnstone last night and there was a fond farewell to a legend of the club.

Captain Scott Brown departs for Aberdeen in the summer after 14 seasons at the club, and as captain for the last 11 years.ย Brown captained Celtic to nine consecutive league titles, including four trebles in his time at Parkhead.

Last night, he signed off on his Parkhead career in a stadium sadly still without fans there to wish him a farewell. The seats of the stadium were covered with tributes for Browne though, and there was a sense of a tribute to the man who has been such a part of Celtic for so long, even without the crowd in the ground. As well as that, there was rare big win this season, an outrageous assist, and even a good old fashioned interview gaffe when speaking to Celtic TV after the game, and not realising they had gone live.


You can watch the highlights of last night's game, along that Brown assist, here.

Though Celtic fans couldn't be in attendance to bid farewell to a club legend, they were naturally active on social media to honour "Broony," including from his old teammate Paddy McCourt.

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