On A Tough Night For Scotland, The Whole Of England Appears To Be Tweeting Same Joke

On A Tough Night For Scotland, The Whole Of England Appears To Be Tweeting Same Joke

For the second game in a row, Scotland have been spanked 3-0 away from home. The final score was at least a bit rough on them tonight. They created chances and enjoyed plenty of possession.

But there is no getting away from it. It is, as Rent Boy said, "shite state of affairs, Tommy." They lie second from bottom in the group, behind Lithuania. All the promise of the late 2014-early 2015 has drifted away again. Strachan has blown whatever goodwill was garnered in the early part of the Euro 2016 campaign.

It must be a torture being a Scotland supporter, knowing that once you were so respectable, and now set for a grim and seemingly permanent decline. That's the kind of ill-luck that made millions of Americans vote for Donald Trump.

But the cruellest blow of all is that they are trapped on the same landmass as England, a nation who habitually fail at the highest level but get to feel effortlessly superior when they face you. As a result, they tend to milk the feeling for all that it is worth.

The Republic of Ireland, owing to its grim passion for drawing matches 1-1 and the fact that our meetings have become very infrequent in the 21st century, have not lost to England in football since 1985.

England fans of a Brexit persuasion rushed to make the obvious joke at the expense of Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland and the woman who Conor McGregor knows as "Who's that?".




In essense, what they appear to be saying is that Nicola Sturgeon has emerged on the wrong side of two referendums in recent years and now wants do-overs in both - or at least one of them. Hilarious repartee.

@RadicalLeftie even went ahead and gathered them altogether.

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