The Serbian Media Are Gushing Over Gavin Bazunu's Performance

The Serbian Media Are Gushing Over Gavin Bazunu's Performance

"Gavin Bazunu - is the name that will resonate tonight through the nightmares of the Serbian national team."

That's the line that opens one article on Mozzartsport, one of the top sporting websites in Serbia.

Not only is there reference to the Republic of Ireland goalkeeper in their post-match analysis; they even wrote a dedicated bio on the Firhouse man after the game.

The Eagles' nightmare with ten defenses: City bought him for a bucket, and defended Ronaldo's penalty

Unfortunately my Serbian is lacking, and I would assume a 'bucket' is simply a 'bargain'. After all, a fee just shy of €500,000 looks like money well spent for Manchester City.

The 19-year-old is still six months away from his twentieth birthday. His performance on Tuesday night wouldn't have gone unnoticed for an established international in his 30s.

On Mozzartsport, Editorial Editor Dejan Stanković (not to be confused with identically named former Inter Milan and Serbian midfielder) justified Serbia's performance on the heroics of the Irish shot stopper.


"There have been and will be mistakes. But the game was not always, while in Dublin our eyes were full of Gavin Bazunu's defense, and that says something."

Next up was writer Vujadin Tomkovic. "Serbia played one of the best games in the last ten years, shattered the Celts on their field, but tripled the attack when he didn't have time."

Have never heard of us being referred to as the Celts before. That's a new one. "...along with the fantastic young goalkeeper Bazunu, who had nine saves from ten shots on goal."

Tomkovic goes on to say, "He (Stojkovic, the manager) did not look to "close" the match by throwing in more defensive players when it became clear that the ball would not enter Ireland's goal a second time."


"Serbia created a sea of ​​chances, Serbian offensives missed one by one, they hit the goalkeeper of Ireland, they made him the hero of the evening."

Possibly words a little more aimed towards the finishing of the Serbian attacking core. Nonetheless, an acknowledgment of his man-of-the-match 90 minutes.

In another article, Tomkovic continued his praise. "It would take a long time to list the great chances that Serbia did not use. More precisely, which the goalkeeper of Ireland, Bazunu managed to defend in incredible ways."

The teenager who guards Portsmouth's net had a dream night against the Eagles, prevented at least three safe goals and overthrew the Eagles from the first place in the table.


There was also reference made to Bazunu by the Serbian manager, Dragan Stojkovic, who the Serbian media refer to as 'Pixie'.

"The chances created speak volumes about our dominance. Their goalkeeper is an MVP player and he should be commended for saving Ireland from defeat."

Lastly, their bio of Bazunu was more of a detailed piece on his club career and what led him to becoming Republic of Ireland number one. It did have some good quotes, however.

"The keeper of the English champions', currently on loan in a member of League One, previously gained experience in Rochdale."

"With a brilliant edition in Dublin, he showed that the money that City invested in his engagement could be one of the best investments of the Citizens."

"The representative of Ireland, born in 2002, only completed an extraordinary week with a great performance against Serbia, during which he managed to stop 18 shots on goal."

Bazunu also gave headaches to the attackers of Azerbaijan, defending four shots, as well as to the Portuguese, whose five balls he stopped, one of which was no less and no more directed by Cristiano Ronaldo from the penalty spot.

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