Slovakia Defender Jan Durica says England's Win Was Fixed

Slovakia Defender Jan Durica says England's Win Was Fixed

Adam Lallana's last-gasp winner saw England clinch a 1-0 win against Slovakia and a first win for Sam Allardyce in charge of the national team. In the wake of that unconvincing 1-0 win, Slovakia defender Jan Durica has said that the game was fixed.

The 34-year-old who played the entire 90 minutes on Sunday, believes that some kind of conspiracy was afoot to ensure that England won the game. Presumably the Illuminati were involved in some manner but Durica has yet to confirm that.

There is only one place at the World Cup. Why should Slovakia go there when we have England in the group? [...] Of course, they will always prefer the stronger team. Probably, the referee exactly knew how to do it.

And it was after a really strict red card. I think that the referee waited until Skrtel did a foul. We were really unhappy.


Oh he did a foul alright. He did a few fouls. Martin Skrtel was doing exceedingly well to still be on the pitch when he blatantly stamped on Harry Kane's leg. But Durica didn't stem the flow of horsesh*t there.

The Englishmen knew that they are one player more, so, logically, they began pushing forward and creating the pressure. But they did not have clear chances, so that is why we regret it.

If they had created some great play and scored a nice goal, you say it is okay, but not such as a goal in the stoppage time."

Ah so now we get to the route of Durica's loose comments. Sounds like someone is just bitter to lose a game in the last minute. It happens to everyone Durica, so stop spinning conspiracy yarns and get over it before you get yourself in trouble.

The 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is next week, expect some comments from Durcia hypothesizing the effect of burning jet fuel on steel beams.

Jack Cahill

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