Sevilla Threaten Withdrawal From Spanish Cup Over Eligibility Rule

Sevilla Threaten Withdrawal From Spanish Cup Over Eligibility Rule

Spanish club Sevilla have stated that they could withdraw from tonight's Spanish Cup final against Barcelona over an interpretation of the rules surrounding the competition.

The La Liga side have released a statement in which they question the Royal Spanish Football Federation's decision to let teams in the competition register as many non-EU players as they like:

Sevilla FC is surprised by the RFEF’s announcement 24 hours before the Super Cup.

It has said that as many non-EU players as desired can be registered. In their last statement for the 2018-2019 season, only three were due to be allowed, without exception.

The club’s legal department is studying the matter and should FC Barcelona line up with more than three non-EU players, it would present possible ground for withdrawal due to an improper line-up.

Barcelona signings Malcom, Arturo Vidal and Arthur will more than likely be Barca’s three non-EU players on Sunday, though Brazilian centre-back Marlon has also travelled with the team.


Philippe Coutinho has recently acquired a Portuguese passport through his wife, which means he is no longer considered a non-EU player.

The match takes place tonight at 9pm in Tangier, Morocco, with this year's competition the first time the cup will be decided by a one-off tie as opposed to a two-legged affair.

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