"They've Ruined It For Me"- Steve Morison Slams Millwall Fans After Playoff Final Win

"They've Ruined It For Me"- Steve Morison Slams Millwall Fans After Playoff Final Win

It's happened again.

After Millwall claimed a 1-0 win over Bradford City in the League One Playoff final, the club's fans have again failed to behave themselves, and again Steve Morison is fed up of their bullshit.

After scoring the goals to get them to the playoff final, and demanding the Millwall fans get the hell off the pitch while doing so, Morison was again the hero as he scored the only goal of the game which sparked wild celebrations in the crowd in the 86th minute.

Millwall were able to hang on, and banish the ghosts of last season where they fell at the final hurdle, but not everyone was happy.

As Morison tried to hug his manager Neil Harris, a fan interrupted and you could see how pissed off the matchwinner was.


The look of surprise on that fan's face at Morison's reaction, it's as if he genuinely doesn't know he's not supposed to act the twat.

But his post-match interview was outstanding, as he bluntly admitted that the occasion had been spoiled by the idiots who charged the pitch after the final whistle.

With the PA warning fans to leave the pitch, and those who stayed in their seats booing those who didn't, Morison gave an all-time great on pitch-reaction.

Fair play to him, maybe if a club legend points out how bloody idiotic some of the fans can be, they will learn.

It was not just the fan who tried to get in on the huge with his manager, there were so many fans on the pitch, the first ever pitch invasion at the new Wembley by the way, and some even confronted Bradford manager Stuart McCall.

McCall admitted that he was close to punching some of them after the game.

The poor Wembley stewards will have been arriving to work today wanting anything other than a late Millwall winner, and sure enough the club has again been let down.

What a hero Steve Morison is though, and his performance, both on and off the pitch, is exactly what the club needed.

Mikey Traynor

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