The Original Gaffer Opens Up On BT Sport

The Original Gaffer Opens Up On BT Sport

The one, the only, Steve Staunton BT Sport Interview.

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Steve Staunton BT Sport Steve Staunton may not be as constant in our lives today as he once was. We are forced to live off scraps if truth be told, an odd Sky Sports appearance here, a charity interview there. The days when he lorded over the Irish press gang are gone, yet his press conferences still stand out as some of the most curious and entertaining of them all. Steve is keen to get a second, third, another chance. Speaking with AN Other on British Telecom Sport nightly sports show Life's A Pitch, Steve opened up and made his case, talked about having no regrets and meeting the targets set by the FAI.

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Steve Staunton - Managerial History via wikipedia

Team Nat From To Record
G W D L Win %
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland January 2006 October 2007 17 6 6 5 35.29
Darlington England October 2009 March 2010 25 4 2 19 16.00
Total 42 10 8 24 23.81

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