The Reaction Of Rangers Fans To Steven Gerrard Leaving Has Been Pretty Weird

The Reaction Of Rangers Fans To Steven Gerrard Leaving Has Been Pretty Weird

After doing a tremendous job to get Rangers back to winning ways, Steven Gerrard is on his way back to the Premier League to take charge of Aston Villa.

Most Rangers fans are surely thankful to the former Liverpool player for the marked improvements made under his direction over the past three years, though some have had a downright bizarre reaction to the news.

Cardboard cutouts and dog stalking: the fan reaction to Steven Gerrard's Rangers departure

With Gerrard on his way, attention in Glasgow will turn to who will replace the Englishman in charge at Ibrox. Before that, though, the fans of the most successful club in Scottish history will have their say on Gerrard's time in charge.

Though it can't be denied that Gerrard leaves Rangers in an immeasurably better place than he left them in, the bitterness from some fans has been nothing short of surreal. Seemingly unable to accept Gerrard accepting the opportunity of returning to the Premier League, numerous fans have turned toΒ *checks notes*Β disposing of their lifesize cardboard cutouts of the man.



Frankly, our biggest concern is how many grown men have paid the cash to own cutouts of Steven Gerrard. Did they buy them specifically to show their disapproval at his departure? Or have they owned them and used them as decoration for the duration of his time in charge?

If we're being honest, which of the above is worse?

After Gerrard's appointment at Villa Park was confirmed yesterday, it prompted a hilarious phone-in discussion on the Superscoreboard programme on Glasgow radio station Clyde One. Rangers fans Tam From Yorkshire had a stand-out call, and revealed he had to turn his cardboard cut-out around, and was especially gutted that Gerrard left on Rembrance Day.

The absolute weirdest part of the reaction can be seen on Instagram - in the comment section of an account dedicated to Gerrard's family dog, Barney.


This post from Tuesday shows 'Barney Gerrard' in a Christmas jumper (questionably early in the year for such behaviour). Barney is objectively a rather adorable dog - but the behaviour in the comments section from more grown men, begging a dog who can neither type nor comprehend text to convince his "dad" Steven Gerrard to stay in Glasgow, is just bizarre.

Steven Gerrard dog comments

Steven Gerrard's time at Rangers will likely be remembered as the time that the club returned to the top in Scotland after almost a decade away. He brought fans fantastic memories, the highlight being the push to prevent Celtic winning a tenth title in a row last season.

Nonetheless, it'll take a while before we get the image of men wandering around Glasgow carrying lifesize cutouts of the Liverpool legend around the place.

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