Steven Gerrard Reveals The Offer That Would Have Kept Him At Liverpool

Steven Gerrard Reveals The Offer That Would Have Kept Him At Liverpool

Steven Gerrard's autobiography is being serialised in the Daily Mail over the next while and to celebrate this coup, the Mail sat down with him in LA, in a cafe frequented by Megan Fox (she walked in during the interview).

Gerrard longs for the Premier League when he sees big games on TV this season. And he reveals what it would have taken to keep him at Liverpool.

Gerrard appears peeved he didn't receive the Ryan Giggs treatment.

I don’t know if I am going to be good enough to be a manager, or a No 1, No 2, No 3 or No 4.

Liverpool replaced coaches Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh in the summer, so they were looking for a new No 2, or No 3 or No 4. I would have been tailor-made to fill one of these roles, as well as making myself available as a squad player.

I could have been a good squad player, a good sub, as well as getting management experience that money can’t buy.


Gerrard admitted that he was disappointed it never occurred to the chief executive to ask him too fill one of the coaching roles.

The book is being serialised this Saturday and you might be intrigued to learn that 'The Slip' is given an entire chapter of its own entitled, lest there be any doubt about its subject matter, 'The Slip'.

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