'Forget Titles, Forget Closing Gaps' - Steven Gerrard Slams Rangers Squad

'Forget Titles, Forget Closing Gaps' - Steven Gerrard Slams Rangers Squad

Ah we've missed this. Steven Gerrard developed a bit of a reputation earlier in the season for his cutting post match comments, but they had largely disappeared in recent months. The good news is, they're back.

Rangers were held to a 0-0 draw at home to St Johnstone today, and in truth it was a result that flattered the hosts. The visitors could have easily walked away with all three points, and Rangers' title challenge seems to be quickly evaporating.

Speaking after the game, Gerrard made it clear to his squad that their current form is nowhere near good enough to challenge for trophies:

Across the board today, nowhere near good enough. I think I've been seduced in this week because the players have looked like they were looking forward to playing in front of Ibrox. We knew Tommy and how he was going to set up.

That didn't disappoint us. They were organised, mid to low block and they offer you a challenge of 'come on then what you got? Come and beat us' and we didn't have enough today all over the pitch to find the answers to the challenge and that's very concerning for me. We lacked leadership, I'm struggling to find any positives from it really. That's where we are.

I think right now, forget titles, forget closing gaps. The reality is if you perform like that across the board in front of 50k people, there's your evidence. You don't need me to say this that and the other.

If you've got a group of lads out there and they give you that when they've got a chance to close to three points and you've got Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and the rest breathing down your neck, that is not what is required at Rangers when you've got the chance to close the gap. It's miles away from it.


Rangers now sit five points behind leaders Celtic having played a game more. While they have only lost four games this season (the same number as Celtic), unexpected draws are costing them dearly. Considering the strength of the defending champions, they likely cannot afford to drop any further points this season.

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