The BBC And ITV Have Divvied Up The Group Stage Games For Euro 2016

The BBC And ITV Have Divvied Up The Group Stage Games For Euro 2016

The BBC and ITV have divvied up the games for the group phase of Euro 2016.

For Irish supporters with a serious aversion to watching matches on the Irish channels (they're a small grouping) this could have added significance this time around since UPC are no longer carrying ITV.

ITV hold the rights to the two later Ireland group games, while the BBC will screen our opener against Sweden.

The BBC boast two Northern Ireland games against Poland and Germany while ITV will screen the middle one against Ukraine.

English sport is not so preoccupied with curses as Irish sport (or American sport for that matter) but they have their own 'curse' issues.

Since 1982, England have won just 21% of World Cup matches screened on ITV in comparison to the 64% they have won on BBC.

Given that TV3 has been held responsible for many an Irish failure on the continent, maybe the issue here is private broadcasters.


Teams just seem to perform better when the action is being shown by the state broadcaster.

The bad news for superstitious England fans is that ITV will show both the Slovakia and Russia games while the BBC host the Wales clash. The BBC also have Wales's game against Slovakia while ITV show their match against Russia.

Here's the split:

Euro 2016 – Group stage game split

Friday 10 June

20.00 (ITV) France v Romania


Saturday 11 June

14.00 (BBC) Albania v Switzerland

17.00 (BBC ) Wales v Slovakia

20.00 (ITV) England v Russia

Sunday 12 June

14.00 (ITV) Turkey v Croatia


17.00 (BBC) Poland v Northern Ireland

20.00 (BBC) Germany v Ukraine

Monday 13 June

14.00 (ITV) Spain v Czech Republic

17.00 (BBC) Republic of Ireland v Sweden

20.00 (BBC) Belgium v Italy


Tuesday 14 June

17.00 (ITV) Austria v Hungary

20.00 (BBC) Portugal v Iceland

Wednesday 15 June

14.00 (BBC) Russia v Slovakia

17.00 (ITV) Romania v Switzerland


20.00 (ITV) France v Albania

Thursday 16 June

14.00 (BBC) England v Wales

17.00 (ITV) Ukraine v Northern Ireland

20.00 (ITV) Germany v Poland

Friday 17 June


14.00 (ITV) Italy v Sweden

17.00 (BBC) Czech Republic v Croatia

20.00 (ITV) Spain v Turkey

Saturday 18 June

14.00 (ITV) Belgium v Republic of Ireland

17.00 (BBC) Iceland v Hungary


20.00 (BBC) Portugal v Austria

Sunday 19 June

20.00 (BBC) Romania v Albania

20.00 (BBC) Switzerland v France

Monday 20 June

20.00 (ITV) Russia v Wales

20.00 (ITV) Slovakia v England


Tuesday 21 June

17.00 (BBC) Northern Ireland v Germany

17.00 (BBC) Ukraine v Poland

20.00 (ITV) Croatia v Spain

20.00 (ITV) Czech Republic v Turkey

Wednesday 22 June


17.00 (BBC) Hungary v Portugal

17.00 (BBC) Iceland v Austria

20.00 (ITV) Italy v Republic of Ireland

20.00 (ITV) Sweden v Belgium

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