The Ghanaian Players Really, Really Want Their Freakin' Money

The Ghanaian Players Really, Really Want Their Freakin' Money

If anyone is planning an audacious heist then listen up. There could be an awful lot of money flying over your heads at any moment. Ghana's World Cup stars have not been paid their appearance fees and they're not happy about it. Not only that, they're not happy about the way it was supposed to be given to them.


In the day and age of wire transfers and internet banking, handing over millions of pounds is child's play, but it's not quite that simple in this case. According to Ghana's Deputy Sports Minister, Joseph Yammin;

The players insisted that they will want physical cash. Government had to mobilise the money and a chartered flight to Brazil. The money is in excess of $3 million.

The Ghana FA have also had their say on the small matter of raising £3 million in cash;


Government is pre-financing the payment of the Black Stars appearance fees which will be reimbursed when FIFA’s prize-money for Ghana’s participation in the World Cup is paid after the tournament in Brazil.

The Black Stars take on Portugal in their final group game on Thursday knowing that qualification is unlikely unless results really go their way.


Gary Reilly

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