The Top 10 New Jerseys We'll See At Copa America 2015

The Top 10 New Jerseys We'll See At Copa America 2015

Copa America never gets much love in this part of the World, mainly due to the time difference and the difficulty that it brings in terms of watching the games live, and that's a shame.

South America's showpiece tournament is always a passionate affair with golazos flying in left, right, and centre, and we'll be watching as the tournament kicks off on Thursday night/Friday morning.

While we wait, enjoy our selection of the best new kits that will be debuted at the 2015 Copa America.

#10 - Ecuador

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Two "new" kits for Ecuador this year, both painfully boring. Marathon have been making Ecuador jerseys forever, you think they would get bored of the same thing almost every single time.

#9 - Brazil


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An uninspiring effort for Brazil here, who will be expected to challenge for the title.

#8 - Peru

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Umbro are playing it as safe as possible with their most recent releases, and that same can be said about this pair of new kits which will offend absolutely nobody.

#7 - Venezuela


copa america jerseys

The luminous collar and lining makes an otherwise standard shirt a bit more eye-catching.

#6 - Colombia

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Now we're talking. The colours, the collar, an overall very nice jersey.

#5 - Bolivia


copa america jerseys

We can't see people rushing out to buy the new Bolivia home shirt, but they should. A cracker.

#4 - Argentina

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Both basic, both beautiful. It's all about that away jersey really, just perfect.

#3 - Jamaica



Yes, it may be something that Ali G would wear around the streets of Staines, but it's a really cool design and it's great that Jamaica have been invited to compete this year. They won't win it.

#2 - Paraguay


Gorgeous. The detail in the red stripes is what makes this one stand out. Well played Adidas.

#1 - Mexico


That's just badass. An absolute beauty from Adidas who have run away with the design rankings for Copa America 2015.

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