Theresa May Speaks Out In Favour Of Joint World Cup Bid

Theresa May Speaks Out In Favour Of Joint World Cup Bid

British prime minister Theresa May has spoken out in favour of a joint World Cup bid between Ireland and the UK post-Brexit.

Last September, reports emerged that Ireland could form part of a joint bid along with the United Kingdom for the 2030 World Cup.

Speaking during an appearance in Belfast today, May declared her support for a "close and trusting" relationship between both countries.

Per RTE, when it comes to the matter of a joint World Cup bid the leader of the Conservative Party said it would be 'tantalising.'


Both the UK and the Irish Governments have already made clear that we would support the tantalising possibility of a joint UK and Ireland World Cup Bid for 2030, should our respective football associations choose to pursue this.

We also want to find creative ways of enhancing the links between all our peoples - and in particular, to build the links between our young people.

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Maurice Brosnan

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