France-England Marred By Theresa May Somehow Making A Balls Of A Mexican Wave

France-England Marred By Theresa May Somehow Making A Balls Of A Mexican Wave

An otherwise glorious evening in Paris might have been defined by France's wonderful pre-match tribute to their cross-channel neighbours or the imperious Paul Pogba, who ruined Gary Cahill's summer.

Instead, it will likely be remembered for all the wrong reasons, as Theresa May geared up for impending Brexit talks in inauspicious fashion, making a holy show of herself on the continent.

Sat next to French president Emmanuel Macron - who incidentally proved his footballing credentials during his campaign - May inexplicably botched a Mexican wave, much to the audible anguish of Clive Tyldesley.

Perhaps it was born of a fear that she'd lose her seat, or perhaps she initially recoiled at the thought before half-heartedly committing to a resoundingly poor idea, but May got involved and exacerbated her ruination of countless lives.

Theresa May Mexican Wave, But She Shouldn't


Wheat fields bedamned!

Our pals across the Irish Sea were once more left dumbfounded as to what has become of their once-proud nation, with heads shaking profusely.


Rather pertinently, England threw away a lead but managed to go one further than May and definitively lose on a scoreline of 3-2, this in spite of France having Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. No, sorry, got the analogies mixed up there. France were down to 10 men...that was it.

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