Today We Remember Eamon Dunphy's Scathing Attack On A Non-Existent Defender

Today We Remember Eamon Dunphy's Scathing Attack On A Non-Existent Defender

With the arrival of Storm Lorenzo to our shores today we must point the finger. As we all know climate change is fake news and God himself is in charge of the weather in charge of the weather.

So who among us angered the Gods? Who woke the sleeping giant known as a 'Lorenzo'?

Well we need look no further than Mr Eamon Dunphy. The year was 2014 and Argentina were in the middle of a World Cup run that would see them reach the final. However, Eamon was having none of it. Aside from Messi, he though the team was hopeless.

"The team around him [Messi] is awful," said Eamon. "The midfield is very poor," he continued. Then came the blow that started a literal storm:

One of the central defenders, Lorenzo, is awful. Just awful.

A fair criticism, except that there was no one called Lorenzo in that Argentina defence. In fact there was no one with a name that even sounded remotely like 'Lorenzo' in the whole squad.


Dunphy's false accusations clearly angered the God 'Lorenzo' and now, five years later, he has flown to Ireland to confront Eamon to prove once and for all who between them can blow the most hot air.

PS: Lorenzo aside, this clip is still brilliant. Eamon pretty much writes off everyone and has the brilliant line: "I've seen them three times, Liam!"

You'd miss the lads!

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