Tommy Bowe Has The Perfect Response To Leeds United Getting Hammered

Tommy Bowe Has The Perfect Response To Leeds United Getting Hammered

It's been a "fun" week in the life of Tommy Bowe.

The former Ireland winger and Ireland AM co-presenter became an unwitting viral star during the intro to an interview with best-selling author Séamas O'Reilly, who's just published a memoir about growing up in a home with 10 siblings and one parent, called 'Did Ya Hear Mammy Died?'.

By now, you've seen the clip at least 50 times (the video is nearing 1 million views) so we don't need to share it again. Live television is a dangerous place, but we thought Tommy - who is one of the nicer people you'll meet in Irish sport or entertainment - took it on the chin pretty well.

Luckily, his beloved Leeds United began their Premier League campaign this afternoon, so at least football could provide some distraction. Best of all, Leeds's opposition for the afternoon was the old enemy Manchester United at Old Trafford.


Sadly, things couldn't have gone any worse for Leeds. They conceded three goals in 8 minutes, Bruno Fernandes completed a hat-trick, Paul Pogba had four assists, and even Fred scored.

Back in Ireland, Tommy Bowe took to Twitter with the perfect response to the drubbing.

In the end it was only five. Small mercies.

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