Watch: Troy Deeney Spares No Bullets With Assessment Of Arsenal

Watch: Troy Deeney Spares No Bullets With Assessment Of Arsenal

Troy Deeney came off the Watford bench with 30 minutes left against Arsenal at Vicarage Road on Saturday night. By the final whistle, he had caused enough chaos to see the score go from 1-0 to Arsenal to a 2-1 Watford victory.

Speaking to BT Sport after the game, Deeney - an Arsenal fan - explained what he sees as Arsenal's big problem: they lack 'cojones', 'nuts'.

I've heard Wenger's already blaming [the penalty] as the reason for why they lost. Well, I'm not going to be one to tell Mr Wenger about himself, but there's a reason that they lost and it wasn't because of one penalty.

I have to watch what I say, but it's [having] a bit of cojones, is what I'll say. Whenever I play against Arsenal, I'll go up and think 'let me whack the first one and see who wants it.'

I came on today and jumped up with Mertesacker - I didn't even have to jump, actually - I nodded it down, the crowd gets up: 'Yeah we've got somebody who can win it,' and they all just backed off.

Deeney also felt Mesut Ozil's nonchalance with a chance shortly before Watford equalised would not have been accepted by previous generations of Arsenal players.


In an interview with BBC, broadcast on Match of the Day, Deeney reiterated his thoughts regarding Arsenal's lack of fight.

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