Troy Deeney Criticises Twitter For Only Tackling Racist Attacks Once 'Big Guys' Are Targeted

Troy Deeney Criticises Twitter For Only Tackling Racist Attacks Once 'Big Guys' Are Targeted

Troy Deeney has castigated Twitter for their attempt at tackling racism on the site. The striker's believes that the website have only taken racially-motivated attacks seriously due to their targets, namely Paul Pogba and Tammy Abraham.

The Watford captain said that attacks aimed at the likes of Pogba and Abraham shed a light on the issue, but it goes far deeper than just big-name players.

Why does it have to be the big guys? It could be anyone, unless you play for the big clubs, unless you’re high profile that’s when they take it seriously.

Speaking at the NFL Kickoff Party, Deeney welcomed the news that Twitter had announced a crackdown on racial abuse on the site, but warned that because it's been "going on for so long," a crackdown wouldn't make much difference.

I didn’t see the statement, but when I hear things like ‘trying’, interesting that they are ‘trying’. It’s not difficult to do and to identify what is and what isn’t. Let’s see, I’m not optimistic but let’s see. The big boys are involved now like your Man Uniteds and things like that so that then makes them a bit more proactive, so let’s see.


The striker expanded on his own issues on the website, and cited his reasons for previously turning his notifications off, knowing that he might regrettably say something in response to the trolls.

I just had to do it because I would have said something stupid. It’s more of a personal barrier to stop myself and also I think there’s a huge responsibility to. I’ve got kids that follow me, I’ve got my own kids, my little brothers on social media. So how can I not do something and go ‘this is acceptable’ — if they do it to somebody else then I’m part of the problem as well.

It’s just frustrating. I know no one is brave enough to say it to my face, so you’ve got to take it for what it is. I’m from the era before the internet, so I know what’s real and what’s not so you’ve just got to learn to roll with the punches.


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