Watch: VAR Is Having A Major Impact On The Champions League Tonight

Watch: VAR Is Having A Major Impact On The Champions League Tonight

It was always going to be the main talking point. The introduction of VAR into the Champions League is no doubt a progressive step, but it ways always going to cause some controversy at some stage. After a seamless introduction in the first three match days, that point has arrived.

Atletico Madrid are hosting Juventus tonight, in what seems like a must win game for the hosts. They will probably need to take a lead to Turin in order to advance, and they thought they got off to a dream start.

Diego Costa was hauled down inside the area by Juventus defender Mattia De Sciglio after 26 minutes, and the referee had no hesitation in pointing to the spot. However, he soon got word in his ear that the decision may not have been a correct one.

Upon review, it became clear that the foul had occurred outside the penalty area. Straightforward enough, and a perfect example of the benefit of having VAR in the competition.

Atletico would be foiled once again in the second half, with Alvaro Morata adjudged to have fouled Georgio Chiellini in heading home this cross. While the goal was regionally awarded, it seems they got this one right in the end as well.


The one in the Schalke-Manchester City game was not quite so obvious. When a shot from Schalke's Caligiuri deflected off Nicolas Otamendi and went behind for a corner, the referee had no idea that a possible infringement had occurred. Soon, he was informed that it could have been handball.

This one was not an obvious decision, even with the aid of the replays. It could be argued that the Argentine was trying to move his hand away from the ball, but the starting position of his arm was definitely unnatural.

The lengthy delay in giving the decision was the main ire of most football fans, with many feeling it is taking away from the spectacle of the sport. Getting the correct decision should be the priority, however, especially in a game of this magnitude.

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