Watch: Villarreal Ensure Rangers Player Is Sent-Off After Referee Forgets

Watch: Villarreal Ensure Rangers Player Is Sent-Off After Referee Forgets

After spending the first-half looking a little out of their depth but clinging on to a 0-0 nevertheless, Rangers' chances of escaping tonight's Europa League tie with a win were further reduced thanks to some pesky Villarreal players.

Steven Gerrard's men started off the evening at the bottom of their Europa League group. However, with 5-points to their name, qualification for the last-32 remains a distinct possibility.

Yet, thanks to the pretty inane decision-making of Daniel Candeias, Rangers will have to fight through the second-half with ten-men.

Booked on the 36th minute, the Portuguese proceeded to get himself a second-yellow within ten minutes of this initial foul; upending a Villarreal opponent for good measure.

Copped in the commentary box that Candeias had already been booked, it appeared that the referee - despite booking him less than ten-minutes earlier - had forgotten this little detail. Booking Candeias again, the referee merely walked away to check on the player who had been on the receiving end of the tackle.


If not for some considerably more clued in Villarreal players, Rangers may well have gotten away with it too.

In the end, Rangers held firm in the second-half and managed to secure a 0-0 draw that will see them travel to Vienna on the last day knowing a win will be enough to guarantee their progress.

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Arthur James O'Dea

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