Vote For Ireland's Greatest Football Jersey - Last 16 Round

Vote For Ireland's Greatest Football Jersey - Last 16 Round

Sports fans have been in a somewhat nostalgic mood in recent weeks and we are no different. We've been taking many a trip down memory lane, reveling in the fantastic The Boys in Green documentary before getting lost in hours of old Irish football matches. Heck we even made an emoji quiz for Irish footballer names.

But as we sat watching all these old clips the debate in our online chat turned to some of the magnificent jerseys on show. With so many to choose from, it was impossible for us to decide which jersey was the nicest. That's a decision you need to make for us.

Today we launch the vote for "Ireland's Greatest Football Jersey" in association with Ladbrokes. We have whittled down a long list of tops to what we believe are the 16 best Irish football jerseys ever. The rest is up to you.

First up we have the last 16 round which has thrown up some mouthwatering ties. The winners of these matches will then go on to the quarter-finals. You can vote below, on our Instagram story and also on the Twitter account.

Choose carefully and make your vote count. Voting in this round closes on Friday morning.

Match 1: Home 90-92 vs Home 11-12

Match 2: Home 88-90 vs Away 10-11

Match 3: Away 15-16 vs Home 94

Match 4: Away 96-97 vs Away 11-12

Match 5: Home 01-03 vs Home 92-94

Match 6: Away 09-10 vs Home 06-08

Match 7: Home 15-16 vs Away 94-96

Match 8: Away 94 vs Home 99-00

You can check out the full bracket below and click here to see a larger version:

Balls Team

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