Watch: Big Sam Laid Into Just About Everyone Over The Weekend

Watch: Big Sam Laid Into Just About Everyone Over The Weekend

Ever since Sam Allardyce left Everton at the end of last season, the former England manager has found a new home with Richard Keys and Andy Gray on beIn Sports.

Big Sam has been appearing intermittingly on the channels Premier League coverage throughout the season and this weekend he decided to unleash a hell of a lot of his 'proper football' hot takes.

First up, he goes in on how referees performed over the weekend.

To be fair he actually has a point here, with a couple of poor refereeing decisions in crucial matches over the weekend. Let's put this one down as lukewarm take and move on.

Next up, he took umbrage with Ole Gunner Solskjaer being described as a master tactician for the way he has reinvigorated Manchester United when he himself was only ever described as lucky when he beat any of the big sides.


Now that's more like it, Big Sam is honestly comparing his Bolton side of more than a decade ago to a Manchester United team with the likes of Pogba, Rashford and Martial in it. We're starting to reach boiling point here.

Then finally to finish us off, Big Sam went all, well Big Sam and went after the one thing he can't stand in English football, those pesky foreign coaches.

Of course, Big Sam forgot too or just didn't bother taking into account that he was sitting beside two foreigners in Germany's Robert Huth and Scotland's Andy Gray, to deliver his best 'proper football' hot take in quite some time.

We should also point out that only foreign coaches have actually won the Premier League title and it doesn't look like an English coach will win one anytime soon.

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Evan Coughlan

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