Watch: Brian Kerr Questions Money Issues Within FAI

Watch: Brian Kerr Questions Money Issues Within FAI

The fallout continues. Over the past 24 hours the Irish footballing landscape has been dominated by the news that John Delaney will step down from his role as Chief Executive of the FAI, moving into a new role within the association.

Many have questioned the decision to allow Delaney to remain in employment of the FAI, including Kevin Kilbane. Speaking on Virgin Media Sports, he said he found it difficult to understand the change of position.

Much of the debate around the issue has been focused on the finances of the FAI. It emerged last Sunday that John Delaney had supplied his employers with a €100,000 short-term loan in April of 2017, which was subsequently paid back in June of that year. The Sunday Times today revealed that the money was used to cover the FAI's payroll costs.

An incident such as this would seem to suggest cashflow problems within the association, something Brian Kerr is not surprised by. He suggests that money has been a major problem for football in Ireland for a number of years now:


The game here has struggled for money for years and years and years. Main because the FAI have insisted on wanting to pay off the debt on the stadium. Clubs here have been waiting on their money that they are entitled to from UEFA, payed through the FAI, they haven't received that.

Clubs here are waiting for their prize money for their position in the league that finished last October. They're still waiting on the money.

All this suggests there is a money issue. There seems to be a corporate governance issue, there seems to be lots of other issues that we haven't had any explanation for this week although we have had loads of statements.

Now we have to wait on the PAC and the appearance of some FAI people before a cross party group in Government, that will be interesting.

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Gary Connaughton

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