Watch: Brian Kerr Perfectly Sums Up Farcical Nature Of John Delaney Era

Watch: Brian Kerr Perfectly Sums Up Farcical Nature Of John Delaney Era

As the John Delaney era in the FAI draws to a close, we have had plenty of time to reflect on what was a sad time for Irish football.

While many suspected that the FAI was not being run in the correct manner, few could have predicted the extent of what was happening behind those doors. As more and more revelations come to light, it seems obvious that it will take many years to repair the damage that has been done.

Brian Kerr is one person who has long been critical of the conduct of the FAI. Speaking on Virgin Media Sport this evening, he perfectly summed up the failings of the FAI under John Delaney's stewardship.

I think we're at the end of a disgraceful era as far as I'm concerned. I think there was massive reputational damage to football in Ireland, to the Association, and even ordinary people who were involved in the game had to take a lot of stick.

It appears (Delaney) and the rest of them involved in the board have left behind a complete financial shambles. We don't know the extent of those shambles yet until we hear some of the reports.

They've left behind a staff who's morale is at a very low ebb because of the way they have been treated.

Some brilliant people were discarded over that time, some great people were moved on. They have found out their pensions weren't even being paid properly.

There appears to have been a big settlement so that John's pension has been paid up properly.


Shocking stuff.

While Ireland have experienced some experience on the pitch in recent years, reaching two European Championships, Kerr feels this only papered over the cracks.

The two qualifications for Poland and France have covered up a lot of problems. I, and many others, have said for years and years that the organisation has lacked leadership.

That has now been exposed. It took a long time, I think that was sad...

Thanks to the brilliant journalism that has taken place over the last while, we now have an idea of what was actually going on during this time.

A lot of us suspected some of what was going on, we didn't know the full extent of it. The game has suffered really badly through this era and will continue to suffer.

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Gary Connaughton

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