Watch: Chelsea Fan Loses His Mind After 6-0 Man City Hammering

Watch: Chelsea Fan Loses His Mind After 6-0 Man City Hammering

This is absolutely amazing. Today was a dark day for Chelsea fans, as they saw their team receive a 6-0 humbling at the hands of Premier League champions Manchester City. It was perhaps the worst performance of the Roman Abramovich era, and served as a timely reminder just how far Chelsea are behind the top teams in the league.

The club has gone through a rough patch as of late and there are few signs that it will come to an end anytime soon. For some fans, it has all become too much to bear. One supporter in particular couldn't stand the heartache any longer.

He did not seem too upset with manager Maurizio Sarri, instead aiming his criticism at the decision makers at the club who have failed to back the Italian in the transfer market. Some players were also singled out. Sit back and enjoy this one...


Amazing. There is nothing quite like a good fan meltdown, and it gives you a sense of perspective as to your own crazy devotion to your team. Somewhere deep down, I think we all have a bit of this guy in us, we just need a 6-0 thumping to bring it out.

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Gary Connaughton

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