Watch: English Commentators Finally Crack What's So Strange About MLS Fans' Chants

Watch: English Commentators Finally Crack What's So Strange About MLS Fans' Chants

You've seen the clips of MLS fans, or ultras as many of them like to be known, going through their repertoire of chants before, during, or after a game, and you've probably cringed while doing so.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with voicing your support for your team - in fact that is something that should be encouraged - the adoption of chants and songs that traditionally are screamed out by fans in Europe just sound different in American soccer stadiums.

Some of the lyrics are just crap, however, as the MLS is a league that does simply not have the spiteful rivalry that features in Europe's top leagues, and as a result, there is no malice in the chants directed at opposition rivals, which makes them sound funny or strange.

This idea was perfectly noted by the Sky Sports commentary team as the Seattle Sounders booked their place in the MLS Cup final.

Shortly after Clint Dempsey put his side 2-0 up, 4-0 on aggregate, the Sounders fans decided to add insult to injury by breaking out the tried and trusted 'And it's all gone quiet over there!', which prompted a superb response from the commentators that hit the nail on the head:

They do have the ability in the crowd in Seattle to make what can be quite aggressive football songs sound like they are being sung around a campfire.

-There's a certain harmony to them, isn' there?



Spot on.

Football chants are not meant to be actually sung with any sort of musical tone, more like angrily shouted, which is what makes the clip we see so strange.

Of course, some of them are just absolutely shite:

Mikey Traynor

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