Watch: Gary Neville Gives A Masterclass Breakdown Of Martial's Flaws

Watch: Gary Neville Gives A Masterclass Breakdown Of Martial's Flaws

Anthony Martial's recent form for Manchester United has excited and baffled the Old Trafford faithful in equal measure. The Frenchman is undoubtedly a terrific talent but has looked second-rate at times in Jose Mourinho's team. Their question remains, why can't he consistently play like that?

Martial scored a superb goal on Sunday as Man United secured a 2-1 victory over Everton. However, as Gary Neville said on Monday Night Football, "he is either a five or a nine and what you want is a seven or eight with the odd nine."


Neville stressed that when he talks about 'working hard' he is not referring to tracking back. Rather, it is running in behind defences which Martial's seems to struggle with: "He doesn’t know where to be and where to run at the right times."

Comparing the 22-year-old to Cristiano Ronaldo and Arjen Robben, Neville suggested he needs to develop a better understanding of when the run in behind the full-back is on. He stressed his "head movement" needs to see the ball at his team-mates feet and understand the pass before it is played. It is a matter of spotting the opportunity and trying to exploit it, even if there are occasions when the pass will not come.

Finally, the pair both agreed that he has all the raw attributes and that the club should offer a better deal. Reports emerged last week that Martial rejected Manchester United’s latest offer of a new contract but talks are ongoing.

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