Watch: Woman Wins 'Pointless' Thanks To Incredible Henrik Larsson Answer

Watch: Woman Wins 'Pointless' Thanks To Incredible Henrik Larsson Answer

'Pointless' is the latest British quiz-show for students skipping college to improve their general knowledge, but occasionally a sporting reference pops up and are ears start burning.

The latest is an absolute cracker, as a woman who has a boyfriend who is a massive Celtic fan took home the grand prize thanks to a delightful coincidence.

On the topic 'The Year 2000', Tasha was presented with a number of questions, one of which was 'Name any goalscorer from Euro 2000'. The object of 'Pointless' is not only to get the answer correct, but to do so with an answer that was given by as few people who were surveyed as possible.

She blurted out 'Henrik Larsson', and as she was the only person to do so, she won the top prize before explaining why she chose the Celtic legend.



Her boyfriend Alex, a massive Celtic fan, gave her the advice 'Just answer Henrik Larsson', and it was correct. That shows just what a legend the Swedish striker really is.

A quality Celtic TV moment, well done Tasha, or Alex, we should say.

Mikey Traynor

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