Watch: Jake Livermore Climbs Into Crowd And Tries To Get At Fan

Watch: Jake Livermore Climbs Into Crowd And Tries To Get At Fan

An investigation has been launched after an incident during Tuesday night's West Brom vs West Ham Premier League clash. Television cameras captured an angry Jake Livermore who appeared to climb into the stand and confront a fan.

Livermore had to be pulled away by surrounding stewards and escorted down the tunnel after he climbed over the initial barrier.

Speaking after the game, his manager Alan Pardew said:

The only thing I know is I saw Jake in the crowd which disturbed me.

There’s no way he’s going in the crowd unless he was provoked severely. That’s all I know. I haven’t had a chance to speak to Jake. I’ll speak to Jake and we’ll go from there.


Livermore had just been taken for West Brom, who he signed for last year. West Brom assistant coach John Carver came across at the time to try and intervene.

It is believed that Livermore has told West Brom that the West Ham fan involved made a remark about the player's baby son who died in 2014. The Guardian are reporting the fan has been identified by CCTV and faces a ban, and that West Brom have witnesses to back up Livermore's claim.

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