Watch: Keane Vs Carragher Was Even Better Than The Liverpool-United Game

Watch: Keane Vs Carragher Was Even Better Than The Liverpool-United Game

Liverpool vs Manchester United was a thoroughly entertaining game, but it was nothing compared to what unfolded in the Sky Sports studio post-match.

Jamie Carragher joined the panel of Patrice Evra, Graeme Souness, and Roy Keane to discuss what had just unfolded at Anfield. Conversation soon turned to the job that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is doing at Manchester United.

It is fair to say that opinions differed. Roy Keane insisted that his former teammate needs to be given more time before he could be judged, but Jamie Carragher wasn't so sure.

Things became very heated between the pair and it made for box office TV.


Keane: What about the previous managers over the last few years, do you think they're all bad managers?

Carragher: At Manchester United? You slaughtered Mourinho when he was in the job!

Keane: But he needed more time.

Carragher: He needed more time? You would have given Mourinho more time, on the back of his performance [at Anfield]?

Keane: Absolutely, because of his CV. We question Ole, says he's not up to it, look at his CV. Yet for some reason, other managers go to clubs and they're given the benefit of the doubt.

Keane would double down on his stance, comparing the narrative around Solskjaer to the way Frank Lampard has been treated at Chelsea.

He felt that people were going very easy on the Lampard in comparison to the United manager, hinting it may be because of his nationality.

I watched Chelsea last night, decent team, they couldn't get the job done. They've lost eight games, but for some reason Frank Lampard is doing alright. Maybe because he's English, I don't know?

Frank's track record, he went to Derby and didn't get promoted, but Frank's got all the answer for Chelsea?

I say give the man time. It's nothing to with Ole, give him time...

I'd give Ole certainly another year, 100 per cent.

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