Watch: Leipzig Training Abandoned After Gruesome Naby Keita Revenge Tackle

Watch: Leipzig Training Abandoned After Gruesome Naby Keita Revenge Tackle

Seeing Naby Keita's name in the headlines these days is a common occurrence as the player has been the subject of multiple bids from Liverpool as Jurgen Klopp is clearly eager to bring him in to the club.

Today however, the Guinea international was at the centre of discussion in German football as his manager demanded an apology for a challenge put in on the training ground that injured a teammate and caused the session to be abandoned.

Bild reported that RB Leipzig's training session was called off after Keita synched down his midfield partner Diego Demme in retaliation to an early tackle that he was not happy with.

Footage has since emerged via Sport 1, and it's clear that the reports were true as after being visibly unimpressed with a tackle Demme put in on him, he answered back with force and left the German writhing in pain.

That is a nasty one.


Tempers flare in training all the time, and there will always be a mindset of looking after yourself if you feel you've taken a kick, but Keita crossed a line there and we have to hope that Demme is not seriously injured. You can see that most of his teammates were seriously unimpressed with his actions.

His manager has demanded a public apology from Naby Keita which we assume he will give in the near future.


The two have made up, and the following video was posted on Twitter by the club:

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