Watch: Robbie Savage Absolutely Clatters Freestyler In Charity Football Game

Watch: Robbie Savage Absolutely Clatters Freestyler In Charity Football Game

The Wembley Cup is a charity match organised by YouTube star Spencer Owen which saw it's third annual showdown in front of thousands of fans at Wembley last Saturday.

Last year, 'legends' were added into the mix along with celebrity YouTubers and as a result we were treated to Jamie Carragher elbowing one of them in the fact and kicking another one up the hole.

Unsurprisingly, the Liverpool legend and Sky Sports pundit was not invited back this year, but Robbie Savage was called upon along with Emile Heskey, William Gallas, Robbie Fowler, and Steven Gerrard.

Savage was put on Spencer Owen's squad who were facing a team set up by the F2 Freestylers - now sitting at 6.2 million subscribers - when he introduced himself to popular freestyler Sean Garnier.

You've surely seen some of Garnier's moves if you have a Facebook account, but Robbie Savage showed him how the game was played in his day by 'letting him know he was there'...

He goes in hard for the first one, where his opponent was wise to pull out, but then goes even harder for the second one. And he escaped a booking too.


He's not lost that competitive edge, as he was clearly letting it be known that nobody would be trying any tricks with him in the vicinity. Considering the full match that was streamed live on YouTube currently has 1.9 million views, it's understandable that he didn't want to be made a fool of.

It remains to be seen whether Savage and Garnier will have a 'beef' like Carragher did with his friend last year, but we doubt it.

You can check out highlights from the 2017 Wembley Cup below:

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