Watch: Slaven Bilic Lays Out The Blueprint For Beating Man City

Watch: Slaven Bilic Lays Out The Blueprint For Beating Man City

The appearance of an out-of-work manager on Sky's Monday Night Football generally coincides with a less than subtle determination to get back into work.

We've seen Pardew and Allarydce flaunt their wares before. However, when former West Ham United boss Slaven Bilic started talking football tonight, you got the sense that that was all he wanted to do.

Anyone who has paid previous attention to Bilic when he gets talking will know how passionate the former Croatian centre-back can get.

Alongside Jamie Carragher tonight, a breakdown of Newcastle United's failed attempt at quelling Manchester City's attacking talents on Saturday was smack bang in Bilic's wheelhouse.

Unafraid of asserting his opinions on how you best operate a pressing side, Bilic was in no mood for platitudes:


SB: This is not a good press, this is not a good example of a pressing team.

JC: It's the only one I could find.

SB: No, no, no, no, they tried, but then your defence can't be here.

A fascinating breakdown of how football works from a man with a wealth of practical experience, Bilic's assessment of Newcastle's inability of halting City makes for a fantastic footballing lesson.

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